Some rules and etiquette for Groundhog Day!

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Some Rules for Groundhog Day

What to expect and what not to do during our Groundhog Day celebration at Gobbler’s Knob! 

Some Rules for Groundhog Day Gobbler’s Knob:

·      This is a fun winter outdoor event.   All persons entering assume the risk inherent in any outdoor activity including ice, snow, mud, icy walking conditions and inclement weather.

·      All are welcome to take photos and videos of the event for personal use.   No commercial use may be made from any photo, video, or other recording without the express written consent of the Groundhog Club.

·      Punxsutawney Phil and all related uses are trademarks of the Groundhog Club and cannot be used without its express written consent.

·      Appropriate non-offensive signs related to Phil and celebrating Groundhog Day are permitted.    All other signs of any kind are prohibited.

·      Distribution of signs, literature, or pamphlets of any kind is expressly prohibited.

·      The Groundhog Club reserves the right to remove anyone from the premises should their conduct be deemed inappropriate or in violation of notices.


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