Gobbler's Knob Got Talent



Gobbler’s Knob Got Talent

Thursday, February 1, 2024

1:00 pm

Punxsutawney Community Center

·       The two finalists will be chosen at this event by a Panel of Judges!

·       These two finalists will receive 2 Inner Circle Passes, a Parking Pass, and the opportunity to perform on the stage at Gobbler’s Knob

The Grand Prize Winner will be determined on Groundhog Day morning by the crowd at Gobbler’s Knob!

Grand Prize $500.00

How to Participate:

Submit the “Gobbler’s Knob Got Talent” Form. You may also include a video of your talent with your form.  One participant may be selected to perform at the Annual Groundhog Banquet from the Video Submissions.

GHC will select participants to participate at Gobbler’s Knob Got Talent Preliminary Event for Wednesday February 1, 2024.
Download form: We are no longer accepting entries at this time. We hope to see you next year!


1.      Your performance time for your talent is between 2-4 minutes.

2.      Finalists are required to perform in any type of weather during the early morning of February 2nd.

3.      Disrespectful, inappropriate, poor sportsmanship like behavior will not be tolerated.

4.      Participants are responsible for providing their necessary materials to complete their talent.  A list of provided materials and available for use can be found on the form.

5.      Participants must arrive at 12:00pm on Feb 1, 2024, at Community Center, to prepare for show.


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