Middle School

Trek To Gobbler’s Knob

The Trek To Gobbler's Knob 

When my family and I arrived in Punxsutawney for the annual Groundhog Day weather prognostication, we headed out to find out more about the history of Groundhog Day.  We found out that the tradition of Groundhog Day was first celebrated in the early 1880's when the first German settlers arrived in Pennsylvania.  Since there were so many groundhogs found in the state, the Germans decided that the groundhog was the most intelligent and sensible animal, therefore the best choice for the official weather prognosticator.

1. We learned that the first official trek to Gobbler's Knob, was February 2, 1887.  How many years ago was that?

2. Gobbler's Knob, the official prognostication site, is 3/4 of a mile from the downtown area.  How many feet is that?

3. There are hundreds of Groundhog Day souvenirs for sale in Punxsutawney.  My mom bought 4 cookie cutters at $.99 each, a T-shirt for $12.49, 23 pencils for my classmates at $.29 each, 4 sweatshirts at $16.99 each,  3 groundhog hats at $9.99 each, 1 dozen postcards at $.33 each, and a groundhog umbrella for $17.49.  How much did my mom spend at Souvenir Headquarters?  If you add Pennsylvania's 6% sales tax, how much did she spend?

4. If Groundhog Headquarters is open on Groundhog Day from 6:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M.  How many hours is the store open?  How many minutes?  How many seconds?

5. We went to bed on Groundhog Day eve at 10:04 P.M. and had the alarm set to go off at 5:32 A.M.  How much time elapsed between bedtime and wake up time?

6. There are so many people that go to Gobbler's Knob for the official prognostication that people go by the bus full.  If fourteen 72 passenger busses each make nineteen trips to the Knob and nine 60 passenger busses make thirteen trips each to the Knob, how many people get to the Knob by bus to hear the prognostication?

7. Over the past several years attendance at Gobbler's Knob has been fantastic.  One year there were 27,324 people, the next year there were 33,470 people, the next year there were 28,360 people, and this year there were 30,498.  What was the average attendance at Gobbler's Knob over the past four years?

8. When we got to Gobbler's Knob the temperature was a chilling  -5 degrees.  By the end of the prognostication it was a brisk 12 degrees.  What was the change in temperature?

9. After the trek to the Knob, we went to one of the annual Groundhog breakfasts.  Mom's meal cost $4.27, Dad's bill was $5.94, my sister's was $3.58, and mine was $4.19.  How much did my Dad spend for breakfast if there is a 6% sales tax, and he left a 15% tip?

10. The annual Groundhog banquet is held in the local high school cafeteria each year.  There are 64 round tables in the cafeteria.  Each table can seat 6 people.  How many guests can attend the banquet?

11. If all of the tables for the Groundhog Banquet are filled and the tickets cost $25.00 each, how much will be spent by all of the attendees together?

12. Part of the banquet dinner includes delicious home baked rolls.  If the chefs can bake 12 rolls in one pan and each guest receives one roll, how many pans of rolls will need to be baked for the banquet?

13. Dad bought Mom a Groundhog corsage to wear to the banquet.  It cost $7.25.  I sure saw a lot of them at the dinner--at least 50.  How much was spent on these special flowers?

14. Groundhog cookies are the biggest selling bakery item during this annual holiday.  If 643 dozen cookies were sold this year, how many cookies were sold?   If 6800 cookies were sold last year, what is the percent-of-change in cookie sales from last year to this year?

15. My mom got the recipe for Groundhog cookies so we can make them for my classmates when we get home.  One batch of the recipe will make 2 1/2 dozen cookies.  If each of the 165 kids and 10 teachers in my school will get one cookie, how many batches of cookies will we have to make?

We had a blast celebrating Groundhog Day and plan to go back for the official prognostication next year.  I hope we can take some of my friends with me!


1.  125 years (as of 2012)

2.  3,960 feet

3.  $142.50 ; $151.05

4.  13 hours; 780 minutes; 46,800 seconds

5.  7 hours and 28 minutes

6.  26,172 people

7.  29,913

8.  17 degrees

9.  $21.92

10.  384 people

11.  $9600

12.  32 pans of rolls

13.  $362.50

14.  7716 cookies ; 13.5% increase

15.  6 batches