Classroom celebration ideas

Ideas for Groundhog Day Celebrations for 
Elementary or Middle School Teachers

1. Have students find as many smaller words as they can in 

2. Have students find as many smaller words as they can in 

3. Have students use several research sources to read and report 
about the groundhog. Have them find other names for the groundhog 
such as chuck, woodchuck, and whistle pig. Have them research the 
characteristics of the groundhog, (mammal, 20-26 inches long, 5-15 
pounds, color, fur, etc.) food the groundhog eats, (grass, weeds, clover, 
flowers, and carrots) and where groundhogs live.

4. Many times groundhogs will prepare elaborate underground living 
quarters including several doors and several rooms. Have students 
draw diagrams of the “perfect” groundhog home.

5. Groundhog Day is the perfect time to study shadows. Studying 
shadows is not only fun, but will get the creative juices flowing.
*Allow students to make shadows on the overhead screen or a 
piece of white paper.

*While one student is making a shadow on a piece of white paper 
have another student trace it. Add lines and colors and backgrounds to 
create a “Shadow Creature.”

*Divide students into groups of three or four. Have them write 
and perform a shadow play.

*Use a projector light to draw a silhouette of each student. Use 
them as a bulletin board display and then have students take them 
home as a Valentine gift for the family.

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