Groundhog Bingo

Bingo is entertaining any day of the year and "Groundhog Bingo" is most appropriate and fun for February 2nd. Prepare game cards with 25 squares and the letters P-U-N-X-Y across the top. Place a picture of a groundhog in the center free space. Randomly place 24 of the following holiday related words in the squares:

weather, famous, Punxsutawney, top hats, queen, Groundhog Rock, celebrate, king, Feb. 2nd, prognosticator, winter, prophet, trek, spring, banquet, legend, burrow, February, Gobbler's Knob, forecast, groundhog, shadow, animal, The Movie, seer, sun, Phil, Inner Circle, six weeks, Groundhog Punch, meteorologist, mammal, two winters, Candlemas Day, whistle pig

The winner may receive a groundhog cookie or a pencil as a prize.