New Gobblers Knob Arch

What do you get when you take a pile of stone, concrete and steel and add a considerable amount of conceptualization, commitment, cooperation and generosity of the people of Punxsutawney? Well in Punxsy you get the beautiful and impressive new entrance arch to Gobbler's Knob. When the subject of improvements to Gobbler's Knob was broached at a meeting one of the questions was, "Why improve the entrance?" I think the answer exposes one of the real reasons the Inner Circle of the Groundhog Club exists. The answer is to give visitors to the Knob a sense that they are coming to a special place. 
The arch is a symbol of altruism, a desire to do something for others without benefit to one's self and it echoes the real purpose for the celebration of Groundhog Day. It is hard to explain the rationale for putting on an event like Groundhog Day let alone the year- long activities and work that support and promote the legend of Punxsutawney Phil. After all, we aren't curing disease or making a sweeping cultural change, there is no personal benefit except for a brief moment of notoriety which is mostly local. So what gives? We put on a party in the middle of winter to give us all a respite from the tedium of winter and maybe a little break for the weight of what we see in the news. The rest of the year is mostly to lay the groundwork for the next Groundhog Day. And whether it is February 2nd or any other day of the year we want visitors to Gobbler's Knob to know we appreciate their attendance, thus the arch. 
So if you come up to the Knob and happen to meet any Inner Circle members make sure to say "Hi" we love to meet you. If you are lucky enough to meet "Fair Weatherman" or "Shingle Shaker" give them an extra Atta boy for the commitment they showed during the planning and construction of the new entrance. If you see any of the wonderful local people who contributed money or expertise for the arch tell them "thanks" for their part in making Gobbler's Knob a little more special for your visit. Most of all understand we are doing this for you and please have a great time. 
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