Inner Circle

A. J. Dereume- Rainmaker

Member Since: 2010

Weather Philosophy: There’s no time like snow time!

If I wasn't working on Groundhog Day activities, I'd be: Celebrating "Groundhog Day Eve" at 510 Myrtle Ave. with 50-100 of my closest friends

Favorite Drink: I.C. Light and a shot of Crown please!

On February 3, I'll be:  sleeping!

On Groundhog Day you can expect to find me:  At the Knob or at Pat Villella's Hot Sausage stand in Barclay Square.

If you want to know the inside scoop on the Inner Circle:  You'd have to talk to Phil....


Favorite Groundhog Club Event besides Groundhog Day: PHIL PHEST!  ...and the Pittsburgh St. Patty's Day Parade!