Inner Circle

Jeff Lundy - Vice President, Fair Weatherman

Member Since: 1990

Weather Philosophy: Phil says any day above ground, shadow or no shadow, is a good day.

If I wasn't working on Groundhog Day activities, I'd probably be: tracking down and converting those who doubt the all-knowing weather power of the Seer of Seers.

Favorite Drink: IPA

On February 3, I'll be busy: with my grandchildren.

On Groundhog Day you can expect to find me: following the President.

If you want to know the inside scoop on the Inner Circle: ask Phyllis. 

What's the best way to get to the Knob? Ride up, walk back. 

To really experience Groundhog Day, you have to: get there early and don't leave too soon... it gets good late at the Knob!

Favorite Groundhog Club Event other than Groundhog Day: Meeting people at the Knob.

Favorite Groundhog Day Memory: I have two. First, watching the fireworks with my grandchildren. The second would be meeting Ned Ryerson.

Six More Weeks of Winter or Early Spring: Spring, Hope is Eternal.