Inner Circle

Jason Grusky- Big Chill

Member Since: 2011

Weather Philosophy: Despite my title of “Big Chill”, I would be perfectly happy if Phil never saw another shadow again!  Bring on Spring!


If I wasn't working on Groundhog Day activities, I'd probably be: Enjoying all of the GHD festivities with my beautiful wife Holly and my three awesome children Matthew, Mary, and Luke.


Favorite Drink: Whatever is in my hand.

On February 3, I'll be: Propping my eyes open and teaching high school Geometry.


On Groundhog Day you can expect to find me: Pulling an all-nighter at Gobblers Knob, then floating around town enjoying the festivities for the rest of the day… and with a little luck maybe a power nap in there somewhere!


If you want to know the inside scoop on the Inner Circle: The first rule of Groundhog Club is you do not talk about Groundhog Club.  The second rule of Groundhog Club is, you DO NOT talk about Groundhog Club.


What's the best way to get to the Knob?   Walk.  It’s free, it’s healthy, there’s no traffic to worry about, and it’s better for the environment than driving.


To really experience Groundhog Day, you have to: Arrive the morning of February 1st, leave the evening of February 2nd, and not sleep the entire time you are here!

Favorite Groundhog Club Event besides Groundhog Day:  The Groundhog Assembly at the High School, where we crown the Groundhog King & Queen and try our best to embarrass as many Inner Circle members and teachers as possible.  (You can check out the taped broadcast online if you miss it.)



Favorite Groundhog Day Memory: Back in 1992, Bill Murray came to Punxsutawney to research his role for the movie Groundhog Day.  Word had gotten out a few days in advance that he was going to be here, so I brought a van-load of my college friends home from Pittsburgh to check it out.  We tried to stay up all night but about 3AM we ran out of steam and decided we should pop in to my parents’ house for a quick 2-hour nap before heading up to the Knob.  Needless to say we never got up until 9AM and missed to whole thing!  I could still kick myself for that one- we could have met the great Bill Murray!  It wasn’t my “favorite” Groundhog Day ever, but it certainly was my most memorable one.


6 More Weeks of Winter or Early Spring: How about we split the difference.  If Phil predicted 3 more weeks of winter, would that make everyone happy?