Bricks on the Gobbler's Knob Stage

Yes, Groundhoggers! Bricks are still available for purchase on the stage at Gobbler's Knob! Any questions you might have about bricks or your order email the Groundhog Club directly at

 If you would like to purchase a brick, you can do so online or by submitting this form with payment.

About the Trail

This educational and informational trail will be the newest addition to Gobbler’s Knob. It is almost a half of a mile in length. 

Along the trail, the metal art showcased for trail patrons. The metal art is created and donated by Jeff Tech, a local trade school, each year on Groundhog Day.

The flora and fauna will be identified by markers. The GHC is working with the PASD Biology students to complete this portion of the project.

Also throughout the trail, there is signage that gives the history of Groundhog Day, the Inner Circle, Punxsutawney Phil and groundhog facts, and more. These signs  include smart phone technology to enhance the visitors’ experience.


Click here to download the answer key for the Gobbler's Knob Trail Knowledge Challenge.

The Gobbler's Knob Trail was funded in part by the Great Outdoors Visitors Bureau as a Jefferson County Hotel Tax Project.

Gobbler's Knob Trail Photo Gallery


Donations to the Trail

All donations will go toward the up keep and improvements of the trail. With every $10 donation, you will receive a Gobbler's Knob Key Chain!