Toss the hog

The trek to the Knob is over, the crowd has gone home. Phil, the famous weather prognosticator, has made this decree. Now what? How do you get that groundhog back in it s hole? Well... we would suggest that you "TOSS THE 'HOG!"

You will need one ball decorated as a groundhog (use a groundhog toboggan cap pulled over a small playground ball or tape on groundhog features or draw them), a classroom wastepaper can (decorated as Punx'y Phil's burrow - use black or brown construction paper), and a masking tape line on the floor.

Have the contestants line up at the indicated spot. Each contestant line up at the indicated spot. Each contestant gets three chances to send the 'hog home! Sort students into categories according to their success (0, 1, 2, or 3 'hogs in the can). Have students with the highest numbers of successful throws continue competing until there is a winner. Vary the distance, number of throws, etc. to make the game more or less difficult. The prize could be a groundhog cookie, a pencil, or a certificate proclaiming the person King or Queen of the 'Hog Tossers!