"Traveling Marmots" Addendum

By: Oliver Mueller-Heubach

We've placed some homemade cards and stickers on the counter in the Chamber of Commerce, advertising our chapter over Groundhog Day. The last I saw, the stickers were gone, but there were still a number of cards. At any rate, they announce that we started some online group pages to draw in folks. The purpose of our chapter is to have folks submit pictures of toy groundhogs that they take on vacations and trips (something my wife and I started after GHD 2003 with two puppets named Scooter and Radar whom we bought in the Chamber). We're hoping to assemble a calendar or book of marmots around the world. Also, I may design some shirts or other chapter things to distribute. The photo submissions are open to anyone, but I will encourage contributors to join the chapter officially. I may use payment of membership dues or free shirts, etc. as a reward for posting photos or have contests, etc. Please let me know if there is anything I need to change or do.

Thanks again...

Oliver Mueller-Heubach

PS - Here are links to the group pages. There should be more contributions from last year's charter members coming soon.  I set up several pages as folks are likely to belong to one of the sites. Hopefully it can be narrowed down to one particularly popular one.