Chapter News

"Traveling Marmots" Addendum

We've placed some homemade cards and stickers on the counter in the Chamber of Commerce, advertising our chapter over Groundhog Day. The last I saw, the stickers were gone, but there were still a number of cards. At any rate, they announce that...More>>

"Sunshine Chapter" News

For the past 17 years my Pennsylvania friends and I have been holding a Groundhog Day party to celebrate our home state and meet with other Pennsylvanians. Over the years we raised $30,000 for charity and made a trip back to Punxsutawney, PA for...More>>

Grannie's Groundhog Groupies is Plans 20th annual Groundhog Party

Since it's our 20th anniversary, we are doing something a liitle different than in the past. Instead of our usual sit-down dinner, we are opening our party up a bit. (expect about 30-40 guests to attend). Friends and neighbors will be joining us...More>>

Greetings From Iraq!

One of the newest Groundhog Club Chapters has recently sent us these photos from Tikrit, Iraq! Click the photos for larger versions:More>>

Woodstock, IL, Groundhog Fails to See Shadow

About 200 folks showed up to scare the living daylights out of Woodstock Willie. It was overcast and our imposter did not see his shadow. This year we are planning to announce 6-10 events that will be social and business networking gatherings, all...More>>