Chapter News

"Milltown Millbillies" Update

Dear Ron,

Our little town came together for a very festive 1st Annual Milltown Groundhog Day. Well, over two hundred folks gathered in my parking lot to see "Milltown Mel", followed by a hearty catered breakfast for all of eggs, bacon, sausage, homefries, fruit, juice, coffee, bagels, rolls & donuts. (We also had an...More>>

"Traveling Marmots" Addendum

We've placed some homemade cards and stickers on the counter in the Chamber of Commerce, advertising our chapter over Groundhog Day. The last I saw, the stickers were gone, but there were still a number of cards. At any rate, they announce that we started some online group pages to draw in folks. The purpose of our chapter is to have folks...More>>

"Sunshine Chapter" News

For the past 17 years my Pennsylvania friends and I have been holding a Groundhog Day party to celebrate our home state and meet with other Pennsylvanians. Over the years we raised $30,000 for charity and made a trip back to Punxsutawney, PA for Groundhog Day. We started out in Saratoga at the former Country Store Restaurant where the French...More>>

Grannie's Groundhog Groupies is Plans 20th annual Groundhog Party

Since it's our 20th anniversary, we are doing something a liitle different than in the past. Instead of our usual sit-down dinner, we are opening our party up a bit. (expect about 30-40 guests to attend). Friends and neighbors will be joining us this year and everyone is very excited about it! The 'groundhog' is in the freezer and is waiting to be...More>>

Greetings From Iraq!

One of the newest Groundhog Club Chapters has recently sent us these photos from Tikrit, Iraq! Click the photos for larger versions:More>>