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Seven More Years of Life!!

Saturday, September 8th 2012, was the day when tradition and contemporary festivities molded into one: Phil Phest. The day began with storms rolling through Gobbler’s Knob, but ended with a perfect evening for a celebration of Phil.

Throughout the day over 60 teams participated in a bean bag toss yard game contest. The winners received their very own set of Phil Phest bean bag toss boards and everyone in the finals received a stylish Phil Phest 2012 tee shirt. The Punxsutawney Elks, Kountry Kitchen Kettle Korn, and Villella’s Meats were the food vendors that provided many delicious options for the Phil Phest goers.

Over 300 people came throughout the day to listen to the great music of: Pure Cane Sugar Band, Jukehouse Bombers, and Joe Pascuzzo.  But, of course, the most important event of the day was Punxsutawney Phil receiving The Elixir of Life. With an energetic trek, the members of the Inner Circle made their way to stage at Gobbler’s Knob carrying the chest that contained the Elixir, which is a secret combination only meant for Phil. All members were adorned with their top hats, the tradition began. The members of the Inner Circle were introduced and the Elixir Ceremony was explained, it was time. Phil emerged into the hands of his Handler’s, Ron Ploucha and John Griffiths, with the help of President Bill Deeley the Elixir was given. Phil received 7 more years of life!  The festivities continued throughout the evening. Now it’s time to prepare Groundhog Day!