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Groundhog Day Merchandise Fair!

Do you have a great groundhog design? Do you  have the best merchandise idea? Do you have a unique craft that everyone must own? The Groundhog Club wants to see and hear your merchandise ideas!

Join us June 9th 2012 at Gobbler's Knob for the Merchandise Fair!

When: June 9th 2012

Where: Gobbler’s Knob

Set up begins at 9:30 am

Fair Time: 10a.m. 2 p.m.

Informal Table Top Presentations and /or Formal Presentation

Formal Presentations will be allotted a 15 minute time span.

Formal Presentation Times will be established during the Set Up on June 9th.

The Merchandise Fair was established for the Groundhog Club to explore the possible opportunity for a licensing agreement or promotion of merchandise.


Examples but not limited to:


Songs, Music, Poems, Apps


Cartoon drawn Phil, Groundhog, or Groundhog Day Art


Wood Carvings


Tee-Shirt, Toy, Puzzle, Plush Phil

How do you participate?

Complete the application

Have an example of your idea

Attend the Merchandise Fair or Submit ideas via email or mail.

Please Contact: events@remove-this.punxsutawney.com or 1-800-752- PHIL if you have any questions! The Groundhog Club, 102 West Mahoning Street, Punxsutawney PA 15767.

Click Here for the Application!

*All applications must be submitted by May 31st 2012.*