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2nd Annual Worldwide Adventures of Phil Photo Competition!

Last year the competition was a great success and not to mention a lot of fun! This year the contest will begin May 1st. All photos and descriptions must be submitted by October 1, 2014.

How to participate?

The first step is to request a photograph of Phil; all participants will be mailed the same 5x7 photograph copy of Phil to use. They will be mailed via US Postal Service and not through email.

 Participants then can take “Phil” to the following examples: different sights and events in their town, on vacation, to meet family and friends. These are just some examples so remember- be creative!


 As they show Phil around, they are to take pictures of his adventures and submit them with a description.  


The Groundhog Club Inner Circle will determine the winners based on creativity, uniqueness, description, photo quality, and overall submission.

There will be 3 categories; the top 3 pictures in each category chosen will be awarded prizes! The categories are: National, International, and Groundhog Club Member.

The ‘Groundhog Club Member’ is a new category this year and is for members of the Groundhog Club only. This category will include both national and international pictures submitted by Groundhog Club Members.

 The deadline to submit entries is Oct. 1st 2014!

1st Place: 2 Inner Circle Section Passes at Gobbler’s Knob on Groundhog Day 2015

2nd Place: Gobbler’s Knob T-shirt & Groundhog Day Pin  

3rd Place: Gobbler’s Knob Mug & Groundhog Day Pin


It's free to participate!

Pictures of Phil can be requested by emailing: director@remove-this.ghogclub.com

Pictures must be submitted with a brief description and contact information. Please Submit pictures to director@remove-this.ghogclub.com

 Click here for the description form!