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Week Nine of the Online Scavenger Hunt!



Online Scavenger Hunt Nine

Answer the following questions. Get 6 out of the 8 questions correct to get credit for this week! Submit all answers to director@ghogclub.com

1.       Name 3 of the wineries that are attending the 2018 Gobbler’s Knob Wine Festival?

2.       Name 2 things that were served for lunch at the 120th Annual Groundhog Picnic & Phil Phest.

3.       What is the street address for the Phil’s Burrow?

4.       Name 4 Ingredients of the Traditional Groundhog Cookie Recipe. Flour and sugar do not count!

5.       How tall are the Phantastic Phil’s that are located throughout Punxsutawney?

6.       Which Inner Circle Members nickname is Head Hailmaker?

7.       Who created the metal art located along the Gobbler’s Knob Trail?

8.       Which local Punxsy winery makes Punxsutawney Phil’s Phantastic Phruit Phusion?