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Online Scavenger Hunt Week Six!

Kiddos are getting ready to go back to school. In honor of that, we are going to have a quiz for this week’s Scavenger Hunt Challenge.

All answers can be found on different pages of www.groundhog.org! You must get a 75% or better to get credit for a correct answer this week!

Submit your quiz answers to director@ghogclub.com by Friday, August 11th! Good Luck!

Here are the questions:

1. Who is the President of the Inner Circle?

2. What time was the event, ‘Phil 101’ held last Groundhog Day in the Celebration Tent?

3. Name one brewery that participated in Hogtoberfest Craft Beer Festival this year.

4. Name one winery that is participating in the Gobbler’s Knob Wine Festival this year.

5. When is the 119th Annual Groundhog Picnic and Phil Phest?

6. Name one lodging facility in Punxsutawney.

7. How often are Phil’s predictions correct?

8. What is Phil’s Trick or Trot?