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Online Scavenger Hunt!

·         A different weekly clue/ riddle will be given on Phil’s social media, www.groundhog.org, and emailed to the GHC Membership once a week beginning Monday, July 3rd.

·         All the answers to the clues/riddles will be found within the www.groundhog.org website.

·         Participants are to solve the clue/riddle weekly and submit their answer to director@ghogclub.com.

·         All clues/riddles will be given on Monday of each week and the answers must be submitted by Friday of that same week.  Participants can not submit answers for previous weeks.

·         All correct answers that are submitted will be in the running for that month’s prize. Three winners will be selected at the end of each month. 

·         In order to qualify for grand prize drawing, the participant must submit at least 6 out of 10 correct answers over the course of the competition.  


July Monthly Winners will receive: a Groundhog Day T-Shirt


August Monthly Winners will receive: a Handler & Phil Bobblehead


The Grand Prize Winner will receive: Two Inner Circle Section Passes One,  Parking Pass for Groundhog Day 2018, and one engraved brick that will be placed on the stage at Gobbler’s Knob.


If you have any questions email director@ghogclub.com.