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Inner Cirlcle

John Griffiths - Co-Handler

Member Since: 1999

Weather Philosophy: Snow is beautiful through a picture window.

If I wasn't working on Groundhog Day activities, I'd probably be: enjoying a thick, luxurious set of hair instead of pulling it out over Groundhog Day.

Favorite Drink: Groundhog Brew.

On February 3, I'll be busy: working and probably going to our first Groundhog Day meeting for the next year.

On Groundhog Day you can expect to find me: running in 10 different directions at the same time, but enjoying everyone I meet along the way.

If you want to know the inside scoop on the Inner Circle: don't ask us, we're all well known prevaricators.

What's the best way to get to the Knob? through the magic of PCN (Pennsylvania Calbe Network).

To really experience Groundhog Day, you have to: put all rational thought out of your mind and let the day take you wherever it may.

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