Six Months Until Groundhog Day

From: Moonshine

August 2nd. The date holds imagery. It’s the dog days of summer. Hot days and swimming pools, barbeques and summer beach trips. But on August 2nd in Punxsutawney, a small, single snowflake can fall in the mind’s eye of the Inner Circle members and all the others who host Groundhog Day. It’s exactly six months away. And six months shows the differences. There is no tent in the park, just live music and picnic blankets. The grass on Gobbler’s Knob is brown and hard. On the stage I can stand perfectly still, yet sweat while sunshine pours over Phil’s stump. 182 days from now, in the same spot, I can dance the Macarena yet still have frozen toes. Such extremes can happen in the Weather Capital of the World.

With six months to go, it’s certainly not time for the preparations to officially begin. No need to call the salt trucks or dust off the tuxedos just yet. We still have the Phil Phest picnic to get to. Phil still needs his elixir of life. Gobbler’s Knob will be busy through the fall with events and festivals. But it does give pause. What’s Phil going to predict next year? How much snow will be on the ground? How cold will it get? For now the hot sun feels good and there’s plenty of summer left, but the sun is going to fade and the air is going to cool. Tee shirts get put away for sweaters. Cold drinks become hot chocolate. The high holiday is coming, just as it has 131 times before. So before you grab your flip flops today and head off to the swimming pool, take a minute just to make sure you know where your boots and gloves are. We’ll see you in six months.


- Moonshine

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