Inner Circle

Ron Ploucha - Stump Warden

Member Since: 1997

Weather Philosophy: Into each life a little rain must fall (along with some snow and sleet and freezing drizzle) but always remember that the warmth of the sun is right behind the nearest cloud!

If I wasn't working on Groundhog Day activities, I'd probably be: painting someone's house (my retirement "job") or most likely playing slot machines at a casino!

Favorite Drink: Gin and tonic with a twist of lime or just ice water with lemon

On February 3, I'll be busy: Trying to remember where I parked my car on Feb. 2nd.

On Groundhog Day you can expect to find me: wherever Phil is since I am his co-handler and security guard

If you want to know the inside scoop on the Inner Circle: attend one of our meetings right before Groundhog Day.

What's the best way to get to the Knob? I would say skydive from 10,000 ft. with a perfect landing in the VIP section (or you could take the bus to the Knob)

To really experience Groundhog Day, you have to: be at Gobbler's Knob no later than 3:30 a.m. so you don't  miss any of the top-notch entertainment that we provide free of charge!

My Favorite Groundhog Club Event other than Groundhog Day...Being a former teacher, my favorite events are our school visits when I take Phil to meet kids from kindergarten through 12th grade.  The look of astonishment and amazement on their faces when they find out that Punxsy Phil is a living, breathing, fuzzy little animal is priceless!

Favorite Groundhog Day Memory...without a doubt it would be my very first Groundhog Day back in 1998.  Standing on stage looking out at the thousands of Phil's Phollowers was one thing but when I found out that among them was my 75 year old mother who hated the cold but wanted to be there to see me, I was overcome with emotions.  She has since passed away but that memory will last forever!

6 More Weeks of Winter or an Early Spring?  Are you kidding me?...I HATE Winter!!  Give me Spring as soon as possible!