Inner Circle

Punxsutawney Phil

AKA: Seer of Seers  Prognosticator of Prognosticators  Weather Predictor Extraordinaire   National Treasure  Most Photographed Pennsylvanian 

Weather Philosophy: Phil has been predicting weather for over 120 years. He is accurate 100% of the time. Only the president of the inner circle talks with Phil and they usually keep their conversations on simpler topics. 

Favorite Drink: Need you ask: the elixir of life. It gets Phil 7 years of life. Forget what it tastes like, the end result is pretty amazing. 

On Feb 3, I'll be busy: getting rest. It takes a lot of energy greeting the many faithful followers that come to Punxsutawney. Phil gets a lot of help from the members of the Inner Circle, but everyone is pretty tired by the end of the day on February 2. 

On Groundhog Day Eve you can find me: resting, resting, resting. 

If you want the inside scoop on the Inner Circle: Phil considers them like family. They do a good job of fielding questions and making sure I am protected and cherished. I guess you could say they are a heck of a posse. 

To really experience Groundhog Day you have to: Believe. After all meteorologists are correct about 70% of the time. Phil is always right. To quote George Michael: You gotta have faith. Groundhog Day is growing every year because it has heart and soul. Come, meet strangers, sing, shiver and drink caffeine. It's the best all night party in Pennsylvania.